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Rakarth - can't get short victory with Chaos disabled

melancholicthugmelancholicthug Registered Users Posts: 1
I disabled Chaos in my Rakarth campaign and I'm not getting the short victory because it's telling me I need to defeat Chaos. Every other requisite is reached.



  • MeoangMeoang Registered Users Posts: 1
    edited May 7
    I'm having the exact same issue with a Dwarf campaign in Mortal Empires. I have chaos invasions turned off, but I still have the objective to defeat the leaders of chaos who never spawn.

    I have no mods installed and you can reproduce this by simply creating a new game as Dwarfs on Mortal Empires with chaos invasions turned off.
  • SaandroSaandro Registered Users Posts: 28
    Same issue. Playing Karl Franz in ME, I got all the missions done, but the "defeat the leaders of chaos" box is unchecked and I can't get the win no matter what. Super frustrating, as I spent quite some time on this, playing on VH. Would have just left the invasion on if it is intended that you can't get a campaign victory if you disable the invasion.
  • epic_159760123904UsML5Z2epic_159760123904UsML5Z2 Registered Users Posts: 4
    I have Chaos Invasion ON still it does not end even when all 3 Chaos leaders are defeated and Warriors of Chaos is eliminated. Does it just mean there is something else that needs to be done - maybe kill all the Chaos factions like Norsca?
  • SaandroSaandro Registered Users Posts: 28
    So, you can't win a ME campaign no matter what?


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