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Repost from Reddit regarding Khorne representation in media



  • SiWISiWI Senior Member Registered Users Posts: 11,820

    Frankly it's not surprising.

    Kislev is very likely to be the most played of any of the game 2 races. It could very feasibly be 2-3x more popular than any Individual Chaos race. This is the pragmatic reality of splitting the gods into 4.

    Chaos is awesome, chaos will get its love, chaos will and absolutely should get the loads of content as it deserves. However we can't ignore the sheer pragmatic reality that the big sellers of this game are Kislev, then Cathay.

    Big sellers of this game are Kislev? You nuts? Warhammer 3 is suppose to be like 80% at least on chaos. That's what CA has been saying since before WH1 even released.
    mind show a statement from CA which comes close to the claim you just made?
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