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1.7.1 BETA : Heavenly Fire still doesn't have his armor equipped

Rewan#2358Rewan#2358 Registered Users Posts: 4,918

This is how Heavenly Fire currently looks like in game : he doesn't look like his little icon would suggest. The armor is in game - at some point it was fixed then the fix got undone.

And this is how Heavenly Fire should look like with his "correct" armor. (This requires the variant_definition to be edited : removing the existing saddle and adding the "sun_jian_armour" in the mount/armour to the correct slot.)

I'm not sure if there were any other issues with the armour (hence why it wouldn't be used) but that armor is just so cool it's a shame it's not being used...

My personal collection of hazardous tests and quickfixes (yes this is a link).
Wondering why you get some traits on your characters this may give you a vague idea

Balance enthusiast, I like tinkering and messing with stuff and values. Cool heads prevails !

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