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Who do you really want as a Preorder bonus?



  • ArecBalrinArecBalrin Registered Users Posts: 2,539
    Chances are CA have already decided what they are going to make the pre-order. What message they'll be getting from feedback though is that pre-orders are widely-perceived to be poisoned-chalices, which is reasonable based on precedent. If they're filtering and assessing that feedback even halfway competently, they will see there is a risk to making a big deal out of the pre-order when it's not expected to be substantial; unless they acknowledge the previous short-comings and make it very clear that the pre-order this time will not be an afterthought.

    One step towards that would be an early re-work of WoC and Norsca, so we can get a taste of what they will be like in WH3 and it gives reassurance that more attention is going to be paid this time into making the incoming pre-order worthwhile.

    I'd expect that from any half-competent analysis of community sentiment. I do not hope for that. For me, there is still a risk that the WH3 pre-order race will be undercooked AND be one that was being greatly anticipated as either a core race before or a campaign pack now.
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