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1.7.1 BETA : 190 Suggestion for shuffling some of the faction initial position

Rewan#2358Rewan#2358 Registered Users Posts: 4,918
As a follow up on :
- https://forums.totalwar.com/discussion/279736/should-cao-cao-liu-chong-and-liu-dai-positions-be-shuffled-around-the-map
- https://forums.totalwar.com/discussion/289081/cas-fix-for-hulao-gate

I tried making a list of what CA could change to the startpos.

- Move Liu Chong to Chen and have him hold all of Chen. (So no more Han presence there)
- Give Xuchang to the Han Empire instead
- Move Cao Cao to Chenliu, have Chenliu be an Agricultural Garrison building
- Move Liu Dai to Dong. (It's not accurate but there's no better place for him on the current map)
- Reduce Dong main settlement by one level so he typically falls to Huang Shao.
- Increase Lean main settlement by one level so Huang Shao doesn't get rolled by Kong Rong every game.
- Make Hulao Gate into an abandonned piece of land.

I believe there a lot of good insights for future things CA could consider in the first thread I linked (notably actually making Chenliu into its own commandery and splitting the existing Chen into two different commanderies) but I also understand that for gameplay/gamedesign reasons not everything in there could be possible so I tried to keep it simple. Also I'm obviously aware this only highlights the "big" changes and not all the effort that should be spent on changing the armies initial starting positions, or the initial missions for the factions involved.

My personal collection of hazardous tests and quickfixes (yes this is a link).
Wondering why you get some traits on your characters this may give you a vague idea

Balance enthusiast, I like tinkering and messing with stuff and values. Cool heads prevails !

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