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Known IssueChaos Bug - Mortal Empires - Defeat the leaders of chaos

epic_159760123904UsML5Z2epic_159760123904UsML5Z2 Registered Users Posts: 5
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Information we need:

Build Number: v1.11.1 Build 18231.2249838

Detailed description of your issue: Cannot achieve victory condition "Defeat the leaders of chaos" even though chaos leaders are defeated and Warriors of Chaos faction has been eliminated.

Reproduction steps: Just launch save - victory condition is impossible to fulfil. See condition - "Defeat the leaders of chaos"

.save if your issue is on the Campaign Map: See attached.

Your modfied.log file: See attached.


1. Shows all 3 chaos leaders dead
2. Shows Warriors of Chaos are eliminated (as not an enemy in current enemies list)
3. Shows "Defeat the leaders of chaos" still pending under victory conditions
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