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Events and mods

VataraaVataraa Registered Users Posts: 1
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So i have tried alot of mods for a while now but i cant find any really good event mods that add historical characters to that faction like Zhou Tai, Zhou Yu or the Qiao sisters to Sun Jian. I know there are alot of join the player mods but what i am after is for character to join thier main faction so that my friend and i co-op campaign will work without one or the other get copies that lack thier special armor.
One other thing i like to try is to make a mod which i assume is not that time consuming in general to make every single Wu general join in turn 1 for Sun Jian. From Zhou Tai, Zhou Yu, Qiao sisters, Gan Ning, Taishi Ci and the 2 Zhang brother.
DO anyone of y ou know how to make suc ha mod? cus i am kind of a noob when it comes to that.
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