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campaign raise dead needs tweaking

farleygibbofarleygibbo Registered Users Posts: 4
imo the threshold to get new units should be lower, low teir units of course, instead of being able to get grave guard at 3000 casualties and nothing if you get a kill below the threshold, like if you get a couple hundred kills add a crypt ghoul or a handful of bats and wolves to the raise dead pool.
another way to fix it would be to base the raise dead pool on HP damage instead of kills, bc it just results in skaven farming for terrorgheists and avoiding wood elves and dawi bc of low unit entities


  • ALHDONALHDON EstaliaRegistered Users Posts: 609
    one way too could be for damage Value. so you would get higher tier units for killing 10 units of long beards than 10 units of skaven slaves
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  • Loreguy#1056Loreguy#1056 Registered Users Posts: 1,853
    For killing few elite knights you get... Zombies.

    For killing gazillion cheap goblins you get... Blood Knights.

    Make sense, right?

    Maybe keep tier of dead units to avoid this exploit.
  • User_ClueUser_Clue Registered Users Posts: 1,572
    Maybe if they could somehow overlap it with some of the newer mechanics they've introduced that can keep track of specific units that die in combat.

    If you kill a bunch of Knights errant or empire knights then you get black knights at the site. More elite knights can leave blood knights.

    Kill heavy infantry then the site will have grave guard.

    Chaff leaves Zombies and skeletons

    killing a character can maybe leave something like a black coach or a Varghulf

    High general casualties can leave things like bats, wolfs, and ghouls because these things are drawn to corpses and don't care what the corpse is.

    I'm sure you could find a reasonable requirement for each raise dead unit.
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  • Jman5#8318Jman5#8318 Registered Users Posts: 2,169
    edited May 2021
    Raise Dead should be based on units in the battle at least. It's dumb that you can throw a bunch of zombies into a meatgrinder and get Hex Wraiths and a Mortis Engine out of it.
  • farleygibbofarleygibbo Registered Users Posts: 4
    Loreguy said:

    Maybe keep tier of dead units to avoid this exploit.

    yea the easy fix would be to have 3 different tiered pools of corpses, so its not an inexhaustible supply and you can always piece something together that isn't just more zombos and skellys, without being able to just suicide zombies and skeletons to get a terrorgheist and a couple of bloodknights without any kind of infrastructure.
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