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Crashes/ Freezes on Campaign first turn.

Vonscotch90Vonscotch90 Registered Users Posts: 1
Build Number: V1.3.0 Build | 12719.1564744
There is no mini dump file that I can see from following the instructions.
I have no save game because I can’t even complete the first turn.

The game loads to the main menu screen absolutely fine.
On my first attempt to play, I played the initial rebel battle in the campaign and did a bit of campaign management, then the game froze and shut down.
On my second attempt to play the campaign loaded again but this time froze in the middle of the first battle.
My next few attempts, the New Game began to load but crashed before I ever got to the campaign screen.
I tried reinstalling windows as that was suggested in forums.
I tried verifying the game files.
I tried going back to the original version of the game on the beta screen.
I tried uninstalling and reinstalling the game.

No matter what I do the game freezes, often shutting down my whole computer with a blue screen in the process.


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