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I'm writing this in the vain hope that enough people who care will read it and it will get enough support so that CA will notice and maybe, just maybe, take it into consideration. It's mainly about the state of chaos in TWW3 but I will also use the chaos in TWW2 as a reference to make my point. Obviously we don't know what the chaos factions will be like in the third game. We know there is going to be one for each of the major chaos gods but that's about it. Now I won't pretend like I'm an expert and I know everything about game design and faction mechanics, so I won't make any uneducated suggestions on what CA should do for each of the factions, what bonuses to give each one, what playstyle and so on. As the game devs I'm sure they can at least figure that much out and how to make each faction feel unique and fun. What this is mainly about is my concern that the chaos is going to be an unpolished, laughingstock of a joke that exists in the game as nothing more than a punching bag for the rest of the factions. I'm concerned it's not going to be fun, it's going to be underwhelming and it's going to be largely disregarded in terms of overall design. Now, what am I basing this on? How do I know this is going to be true? Do I have any proof? In short - no I do not. However the gameplay trailer that we saw of the final quest battle in Khorne's realm is something that gives me concern. Yes, I realize that the difficulty was set on Normal and furthermore chaos unit HP was massively cut for media reasons. I get that but there were other stuff that didn't sit quite right with me when I saw the battle. For one the chaos units' health was the only thing that was nerfed, at least as far as what I know and what I saw. The damage was not and yet in the cases where Khorne's units (by the way Khorne is a god that is the literal incarnation of destruction, war, blood and death) made contact with the Kislev units, well they were barely making a dent. Units that represent the god of everything that is rage and murder. The stats on the unit cards were rather underwhelming as well. We saw the units had overall high speed and were kind of aggressively designed with dual weapons and great weapons but ... nothing else really. Not that high damage output (even the bloodthirsters) and no actual substantial defense to either magic or ranged damage in the form of magic resist and missile resist. Again this is all still to be balanced and tuned I get that but here is something else to consider. In the quest you can build barricades and towers. In the realm of a chaos god, that is supposed to be a realm of madness, death, unstable energies and immaterial entities you can somehow build walls and massive towers, even ones that shoot magic projectiles. Just think about that for a second and let the ridiculousness sink in. I won't even mention how apparently you're allowed to cast magic as well in the realm of Khorne. You know, the guy who despises magic and gives all his followers magic resistant powers. You'd maybe think his domain would be saturated with energies that nullify the winds of magic or something. Now even having said all this there is still nothing concrete for me to make my assumption that chaos will be a joke in TWW3. But what happens when you take into account all I said here and then look at the state of chaos in TWW2 and how it has been pretty much since it's release since 2017. What can we say about chaos in TWW2 right now? We can say that it is a complete, absolute, without a doubt joke. A sad, miserable faction(s) that very few people play. Chaos in the second game still uses values for skills and technologies from TWW1 which was released in 2016. Think about it for a second, just do it. This faction uses values that were added in the game not one, not two, not three but five years ago. And they have not even been MENTIONED in a single patch ONCE. Not even once. Not even one little tune to the Eye of the Gods skill that gives 7% weapon strength when attacking ... Only when attacking btw. And only 7%. But only when attacking you know, because if it was all the time and it was more than 7% it would be broken. Now it's totally fine tuned and balanced and fits perfectly into the Warhammer 2 standard. And this is just one example. Jump into the game click on Archaon, click play and just take a minute to look. Just look, just observe, look at the values, look at the technologies, heck even look at the horde buildings. There is a whole section missing. The right most section of buildings for the horde are missing. Just gone. There is space there for buildings, you can clearly see there is space set aside there and yet there are none. Technologies are out of whack. Just off the top of my head I can say that Chaos Marauder buffs and recruitment are at tier 2 and 3 not tier 1 technologies. And not a single thing has been changed for almost four years. 2017 to 2021 Chaos has not gotten a rework, a polish, heck not even a single tune for a skill. The only thing we got was a slight change to Archaon's faction effect and that was after what, three and a half years give or take?

And yeah apparently people are fine with this. I don't think enough people have complained, heck I don't think hardly anyone has since we haven't see any changes at all. Meanwhile high elves get more and more units every other update and factions with cool mechanics and overpowered faction effects.

Hopefully you can now see where I'm going with this and where I'm coming from. Again, it is early to say I know, It is. But given what CA's approach to Chaos factions has been in the past (none) I'm worried that Chaos will be left in the gutter and forgotten again the the third game (TWW3 is supposed to be all about Chaos btw, it's literally the centerpiece of the game) because CA will be too focused on giving the attention and love to Kislev, Cathay and no doubt all the other order factions that will be introduced.

And when I think about it it makes me sad. It does. Chaos faction are some of the most unique factions in terms of aesthetics and lore in this universe and they could be so much fun. I hate the state of chaos in the second game. I'm sad that I can't enjoy them because they are just not up to par with the TWW2 standard. They are weak, order gangs up on them and they can't do anything about it. And this has been the case for years. Even with the new changes to the Chaos invasion strength, setting them on legendary barely does anything. empire still rolls over them, they manage to raze half of malekith's settlements before he recalls all of his armies from Ulthuan and stomps them, then takes all his settlements back and that's about it.

It would be really sad to see the same old things happening again in the third game and that's why I had to write this. Maybe it gets some attention and influences some nice changes to how CA approaches Chaos factions in the last game. Or maybe people just get mad at me for not suggesting more High Elf buffs and continue daydreaming about how they're going to invade and stomp the chaos realms with an army of Brettonian peasant archers (which I'm sure will be totally viable, heck even strong since it looks like the ranged meta will continue to the third game but that's a whole other topic).

So CA get your act together and give us fun and strong chaos factions not the weak, undertuned, unpolished and forgotten wrecks you stuck us with in the second game. Some people want to raze and burn the mortal realm with an army of unstoppable demons instead of holding hands and singing Kumbaya with the good guys as you've always incentivised.
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