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Graphical issues on the campaign map.

OdeToASavageOdeToASavage Registered Users Posts: 2

So, with the age of this game my hope for getting support on this issue may be kinda nil. Regardless, it seems that there is an issue with the campaign map. It seems that the textures may be out of whack or this may be a bug or glitch. In the picture where there is supposed to be water there are large bodies of land around the coastline areas across all of the map. This happens even on all of the DLC as well.

I am not using any mods so I know that this is not the issue. I defintely know my gaming rig is up to par for running this game. I have verified that my drivers are up to date. I have verified my game files multiple times. I have cleared out my Steam download cache as well to take it a step further. I have about all of the total war games and this is the only one giving me issues like this.


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