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WD article: The Norse of Lustria

Red_Dox#2328Red_Dox#2328 Junior MemberRegistered Users Posts: 6,476
edited May 2021 in General Discussion

Source: White Dwarf#309 (UK)

5th edition Lizardmen armybook had this entry.

Back then, the Norse were still a bit more viking, and had a armylist in Citadel Journal 6+7 featuring Valkyries

In later Lizardmen armybook timelines, the Valkyrie part is left out. Probably not fitting later editions anymore due to lack of Norse list, or simply retconned.

Lustria campaignbook 6th

Lizardmen armybook 8th

It has been quite a while since TWW#2 release and Norscas 9 month hiatus. I have to say, somewhere in the games life cycle I expected that Norsca gets a third (FLC) LL who starts in Skeggi on Vortex/ME. But, here we are and already seeing the end of the line. Well, it is not over until the fat man sings, so maybe CA can still surprise me.

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-----Red Dox
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  • WaaaghCheif#7753WaaaghCheif#7753 Junior Member Registered Users Posts: 2,379
    I've said it before. Norscan Cold One Riders could and should be a Bllod Knights equivalent FLC for Norsca. Make it region specific to Lustria to give incentive to hold settlements there.
  • DragonbroodlingsDragonbroodlings Registered Users Posts: 334
    edited May 2021
    Skeggi would be a cool implementation for quite a few reasons. They could have some dinosaur stuff, just not on the level of the lizardmen. They would have a much better start position compared to Norsca. And they could add Valkyries to all of the Norsca factions. Or a more fitting 8th edition type of Valkyrie.
  • PoorManatee6197#6481PoorManatee6197#6481 Registered Users Posts: 2,552
    Skeggi truly had the potential of being a full white dwarf armylist but GW didn't go any further than giving cold one mounts to marauder lords, shame.

    On another note, I hope valkyries make a comeback in a hypothetical Norsca lord pack or in the upcoming old world, in a more chaotic version that fits modern canon of course.
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  • Bastilean#7242Bastilean#7242 Registered Users Posts: 2,939
    edited May 2021

    Do you have the supplement information for the Valkyrie Shield Maidens?

    Monster List

    Beastiary Section describing Counter Charge

    Interesting to see that they had strider and a small physical resistance.

  • Red_Dox#2328Red_Dox#2328 Junior Member Registered Users Posts: 6,476
    Bastilean said:

    Monster List
    Beastiary Section describing Counter Charge

    Keep in mind that this was rather the generic monster list (since hiring "feral monsters" from Rare points was normal) you could find in near all armybooks of that time. Even the dwarfs had one.

    Starting with 6th GW stomped the whole idea and rather went "army appropriate" monsters/mounts directly in the army-lists/books. So Skeggi Valkyrie Heroes riding on Dire Wolfs in the jungle of Lustria should not be the first take away for todays time, 27 years after the CJ Norse list.

    ------Red Dox
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