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I can't believe we get these



  • ShiroAmakusa75ShiroAmakusa75 Senior Member Registered Users Posts: 34,001
    edited May 21

    makar55 said:

    I've heard new unit cards suck, but I have not thought so myself till I saw this.

    Direct comprasion.
    TWW1 vs TWW mod vs TWW3.
    Both TWW1 and modder's one look amazing compared to mediocre at best TWW3 unit cards.

    Lucky for us original post on reddit with pic got 4k+ upvoites, there is a chance CA will redo these . . .

    who stares at unit cards?
    You have to stare at the new ones because they're just washed-out mush that's hard to differentiate at a glance. All the old school unit cards and the modded ones are made so you can tell them apart quickly, which is the entire point as you should have most of your attention on the battlefield.
  • EronizEroniz FranceRegistered Users Posts: 19
    Rain and lightning is not necessary on every gode dam card tho
  • ladymissfitladymissfit Senior Member Registered Users Posts: 2,723
    Eroniz said:

    Rain and lightning is not necessary on every gode dam card tho

    it's not about the rain and lightning, it's about the streltsi looking like a handgunner cause the image doesn't show the axe part of the gun or the kossar being a very similar tone as the background making it difficult to make out or the variant spear being behind it where you have to look harder to realize it's the spear variant.
    Chaos lords should be women

    Army painter plox
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