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Realistic QoL Improvements for TW Warhammer 3

LastOfRamoriaLastOfRamoria Registered Users Posts: 2

I see a lot of suggestions for major changes, but since I work in game dev I see most of the suggestions as unrealistic. So I figured I'd mention some quality of life improvements that would offer value without requiring tons of work. But idk, maybe these are more work then they appear.

Multiplayer/Custom Battles

Auto-gen armies with Unit Caps

I'd like to be able to auto-generate an AI army in custom battles while unit caps is enabled. Right now, you can't and this is not ideal when trying to practice for ladder games that enforce unit caps.

Map Preview - Spawn Areas

I'd like to be able to see the spawn area for the attacker and defender armies in the map preview of the multiplayer lobby. You get to see these areas in the loading screen, and as far as I can tell the areas are not randomized, so this seems reasonable to ask for. Currently its just making it harder for new players that don't know the maps.

Map Preview - Map Size

It would be great to have an indication of if a map is small, medium or large. The overhead shot of the map doesn't indicate very well if it is a tiny map with artillery being in range of each other from spawn, or if its a big map. A rough estimate of S/M/L would help new players when learning the massive list of maps.

Map Preview - Elevation/Water Clarity

I'd appreciate being able to more clearly determine from the map preview in the multiplayer lobby how steep elevation changes are and if there is water. Cliffs are apparent, but sometimes there is a big hill that interrupts artillery/LoS, or lots of water, but you can't tell from the map overview or the picture. Again, this is rough for new players who don't know the maps. This feature might be hard to implement, but there already is some elevation details in the maps, would be nice if they were more pronounced.

Save Army Builds

I know a cloud save system is a big ask, but being able to save campaign progress to the cloud is already implemented and is really handy, so it would be great if we could shove some saved army builds there as well. As far as data volume, this would be minimal, much less than a campaign state. Alternatively, if there was a nice way to export/import them from a folder without having to go into the saved data to manually copy files, that would be nice.


Map Movement - Undo Move

I like how nice the campaign map looks, but sometimes it is unclear which rivers and forests can be crossed and which ones are impassable or will halt my movement after crossing. Also, sometimes you try to move somewhere and your army takes a different route than you were expecting, or they embark in a ship accidentally. I think a nice option would be to allow players to 'Undo' their movement, which would just return the movement points and put the army back to where it started. This seems like the simplest solution if you don't want to go through the trouble of making the map easier to read.

Co-op Campaign - View Diplomacy

While my co-op partner is taking their turn, it would be nice if I could examine the diplomacy list. Sure it would be nice if I could make deals and such, but that's not what I'm asking for. Just the ability to pop it open and scroll through to see who's at war with who, what settlement count and strength rating everyone's at. At the moment you can't open the diplomacy screen at all, and there is very little else you can do during your ally's turn. It can be very boring. And if your ally asks you if you want to go to war with someone, you just have to guess at what your standing with that faction was without being able to check.

Thanks for reading. Looking forward to the new game!

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