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Crash after few seconds in the game WH2

ChargerqChargerq Registered Users Posts: 4
edited May 29 in Crashes
Warhammer 2
I got freeze and crash after few second in main menu.
I get this problem after Rakarth FLC.
When i got freeze I see "No Responding" in task menager.
I check my graphics drivers and verivy local files I have all.
I try run game on 1.10v and have the same problem.
Sometimes if i tap ctrl+shift+win key+b i get more time and can load campaing but the longer im in menu the chance of crash is bigger i think
Pls help CIA i love this game
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  • GankmeisterGankmeister Registered Users Posts: 3
    I have also been having crashing issues, I can get into a game for a little while then it freezes my PC solid and i have to hard reset. I got the latest Nvidia drivers, could that be a problem? I also cannot roll back for some reason. If you get a fix please tell me!
  • JuicyPearJuicyPear Registered Users Posts: 3
    Make sure your steam name doesn't have any emojis in it and try again, that's what finally fixed it for me

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