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Unfixed bugs in Napoleon: Total War - historical battles.

GenerałPoniatowskiGenerałPoniatowski Registered Users Posts: 1

I have been playing Napoleon Total War since 2012 and it's still my favourite Total War game, a real masterpiece. There are some serious bugs in the multiplayer mode that have not been fixed so far. In historical battle mode, every battle that has an unequal ratio of troops so: Waterloo 1 vs 2, Arcole 1 vs 2, Austerlitz 3 vs 2, Austerlitz 4 vs 3 just don't work. One cannot start a battle or add a CPU player to fill the server. The last player to join is automatically kicked out of the server by the game.

I kindly request you to fix this bug. I have about 1700 hours in the game but this fixing this issue would make this game so much better.

Best Regards.

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