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Half of the regular TW3K player base are now publicly up in arms



  • MasterSlayeXMasterSlayeX Registered Users Posts: 1,004
    the thing is this game was aimed at a Chinese market . For many of them this may of very well been their 1st total war game . Now I’m not saying only Chinese people would of gotten annoyed by this I was annoyed too as a three kingdoms fan who grew up with dynasty warriors and eventually going to ROTK13 and such so this was also my first total war game .

    Now imagine it is the first game you bought off CA how do you think it looks if you saw the product you bought not even finished or bug fixed even just for them to announce a new game in the series that has no backwards compatibility or anything ? You gonna not take any more chances with that company . It’s a bit diffrence if you played older games in the series before this as you are more aware or more forgiving of it

    Like compare eating in a restaurant . If you go in and your first service was terrible . Your more than likely not gonna go back in there but if you had quite a few services then it went downhill with 1 bad service you more than likely will give it a 2nd chance maybe not straight away but you may well give it another go over that 1st time feel
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