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NTW Team championship 2021 -- possible support and partnership?

CroKillCroKill Registered Users Posts: 1
Hello people from CA and TW !

First of all, I would like to thank you in the name of our community for all this years of fun and entertainment we had playing Napoleon Total War.

I am writing to this day to you to inform you about the biggest NTW tournament to date!
We have constructed the 'NTW Team championship 2021' and we would like to know if it is possible to discuss with you about a possible form of partnership.

Although this is a game that is no longer very popular due to its old age (released in 2010), we still have an very active and united community. Thanks to that, we regrouped 12 teams and 71 players around the world who will compete for the whole duration of the tournament, approximately 4 months.

The tournament, which consists of a league stage and a playoff stage, officially started this Monday (21st of June) and we intend to publish and comment every weekend (twitch + youtube) the vast majority of the games that will be played during the week.

We hope to run more tournaments like this in the future and play the game we love for over 10 years now!

It is therefore in this context that we would like to discuss with you, in order to think together about possible synergies that could develop between us and your company, about a possible collaboration ?

Our goal is to increase the exposure of not only this tournament but also of Napoleon and Total war in general! We would love it if you guys could promote/support us! The more players in the community, the better!

For more information, you can consult, among others, our discord (all the information related to the tournament is included)

Naturally, the other admins and me are at your entire disposal to answer your questions.

Thanks you for your attention,

Best regards,
Crokill and admin team.
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