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Anyone want to take a final guess as to the BM vs LM DLC?



  • eomat#7953eomat#7953 Junior Member Registered Users Posts: 2,914
    I would love to see Tetto’eko as a LH or LL. He would just look so cool.
  • XxXScorpionXxX#2310XxXScorpionXxX#2310 Registered Users Posts: 6,143

    the FLC LL may not even be a BM. Consider that WE, TK, and Coast all have 4 LL's and after this DLC so will BM.

    And the Lizardmen will have one more lord than any Game 2 race. And Vampire Counts have more lords than other Game 1 races.

    Lord distribution isn't even between the factions. Beastmen have more characters do add. There's no good reason to limit them just because there's nobody else that can be added to Vampire Coast.
    I agree but I'm still saying its a possibility.
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  • Pr4vda#6038Pr4vda#6038 Senior Member FranceRegistered Users Posts: 2,327
    Xerxes52 said:

    I'll throw my predictions into the pile:


    LL - Oxyotl

    Hero - Kroxigor Hero

    Units - Chameleon Stalkers, Coatl, Troglodon


    LL - Taurox

    Lord - Doombull

    Hero - Wargor

    Units - Tuskgor Chariot, Jabberslythe, Ghorgon

    TW Access - Great Bray Shaman

    FLC - Ghorros

    Corrected. It would be my wish. With a LM small rework and a huge BM rework.

    If so, I think it *could* be the best DLC ever imo. Lot of monsters. Great mechanics and races rework.

    But no LH would be the only downside.
    Team Dawis

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