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Total War: Attila crashes!!!

nifas86nifas86 Registered Users Posts: 18

I want to play Total War: Attila, but the game most of times crashes just before lauch, when i double click games icon. I have tried any possible solution that includes updating all system drivers, reinstalling all Visual C++ editions, reinstalling DirectX, downloading the game again and verifying files integrity multiple times. Is there any possible solution??

I have also attached my DXDiag file.

Thanks in advance.


  • AlexD250AlexD250 Registered Users Posts: 3
    I have The same problem. All of this happened The 14 july so I think CA touched something when updated Warhammer 2.

    I reinstalled It a lot of times, deleted all mods and unsubscribed them, deleted mod.tad(similar name) un The Launcher fólder. Nothing works. The Game now IS unplayable.
  • limit2limit2 Registered Users Posts: 5
  • darthxeiondarthxeion Registered Users Posts: 1
    I have the same problem, it crashes really a lot, that's a fun-killer.
  • limit2limit2 Registered Users Posts: 5
    Can confirm as well. Btw, "continue campaign" always work, so it's definitely game's problem, not user's hardware
  • Hydra01Hydra01 Registered Users Posts: 30
    edited August 23
    Same, this game so desperately needs a stability update. I haven't seen a game that crashes this much in years.
  • limit2limit2 Registered Users Posts: 5
    Is there any way to contact CA team directly on this issue? I can't even create issue, because it seems that Sega think that this game is in perfect state now
  • nifas86nifas86 Registered Users Posts: 18
    edited September 18
    I have contacted SEGA support. They keep saying "reinstall steam and the game, install again Visual C++..." etc which I have done already. I said to them a couple of times that the game needs an update but they refuse to recognise the problem.

    This game is doomed. Just uninstall it and move on. Too bad, because it is one of the best Total War games I have ever played and I play Total War since Rome I. It is really a pity. :'(

  • CharlieGoldCharlieGold Registered Users Posts: 51
    same problem, also it's happening for thrones of britannia, a lot of pepole have this problem
    I spend years playign attila with no problem and a bit of time with ToB.
    And out of nowhere im unable to play those games, somtime it takes 10-15 crashes at launch to play those games
  • CharlieGoldCharlieGold Registered Users Posts: 51
    CA had to broke something quietly
  • VastatorVastator Senior Member Registered Users Posts: 1,430
    Same here, now getting to the main menu is like throwing a dice. Sometime it works, sometime it doesn't 6 times in a row. This doesn't make any sense. It's been many years since last Attila update, they recently updated the launcher so they can spam their ads right in your face, and broke the game in the process. This is such an anti consumer move that borderlines evil greed or straight incompetence.
  • BelisarusBelisarus Registered Users Posts: 1

    I leave the message I sent to SEGA Support because it is impossible to play Attila. It's also my way of showing my displeasure to CA.



    Sorry about any mistake in my english.

    I bought the Attila game in 2017, in Steam,, but I wasn't able to play it satisfactorily until October 2021, this month.
    One of the reasons for buying a better computer (a laptop) was because of the Attila game.
    However, when trying to play the game, when the launcher appears and I click on "Play Game", the initial red image with the name Attila appears and after a few seconds it goes to the Windons desktop.
    This error is frequent. It also happens when I start a custom battle, when the "loading" comes to an end. This happened both in Windows 10 and in Windows 11, which I updated 2 days ago.

    In 5 attempts, only 1 works. And even so, I have to hope that "loading" in some part of the campaign inside the the game, doesn't have this error.
    That said, at this point, the game became unplayable. In the many, too many forums and threads reporting these issues, asking for help and solutions, especially the official TotalWar forum, Creative Assembly done little or nothing, or talk about this issue which seems to be as much of the launcher as of the game itself. They even ask for help but receive a surprising response that the game is no longer supported...a game that CA is aware of and a game that is almost 2 years old (at the time of the topic created).

    This, of course, sucks and takes away any confidence from the developer, who unfortunately has already earned this reputation among TotalWar supporters. In fact, it has driven away many, who don't buy a game without being sure it's worth it.

    I love the game, but I'm frustrated, I paid for it and bought an expensive computer because I was excited about the Attila game as it portrays one of my favorite history times.
    I searched the various forums and did all the steps I could to fix it, including all (and I repeat all) the steps recommended by SEGA in the topic of problems about the game not starting / crashing. This includes disabling anti-virus and re-installing and many others steps.
    It becomes even more frustrating to know that recent Throne of Britannia and Three Kingdoms games have the same problem, and there is no response from Creative Assembley on this matter. I bought, and many will buy, one of the games with problems that doesn't allow you to enjoy it. I feel cheated and disrespected as a consumer. This is not what is expected of a reputable developer.

    I should note that all this time I've had Rome 2 installed and it never crashed, with or without mods. It works perfectly.

    Without wanting to leave the subject, I ask that there is a solution from you, and if you have it please share. I would love to enjoy a good game that fulfills my expectations.
    Please help me with this persistent problem.

    Thanks and my regards.

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