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About LH in the new DLC

orpusristoorpusristo Registered Users Posts: 120
I wonder if we're gonna see some LH alongside these LLs for the new DLC, it's been pretty commonplace these past DLC to have one.
Did the budget go into the beasty boys only or can we see some unique heroes join the fray aswell?


  • #25795#25795 Registered Users Posts: 839
    Would've been in the Q&A if there were any and honestly I'd easily pass on them for what we've gotten so far. The only reason we got Ariel and Ghoritch with the T&T was due to the lack of any massive centerpiece unit, and now we got 3-4.
  • davedave1124#4773davedave1124#4773 Registered Users Posts: 23,309
    No LH as far as I know, which is a shame because it worked well in the last DLC.
  • BlacedBlaced Registered Users Posts: 1,571
    FAQ and steam page do not list any legendary hero, so no, no legendary hero
  • Xenos777Xenos777 Registered Users Posts: 8,038
    would be nice, but realistically, there is a lot of stuff already.
  • Zekerath#3609Zekerath#3609 Registered Users Posts: 745
    Seems no LHs, and good riddance I say. I like Ariel and Gotrich, but I don't think every race and every new factions needs to include a LH.
  • DeadpoolSW#7283DeadpoolSW#7283 Registered Users Posts: 3,179
    I'm just happy that CA aren't going overboard and making more LL-tier characters into LHs.
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  • Rob18446Rob18446 Registered Users Posts: 2,313
    Nope no LH confirmed, always thought it was a one off for T&T.
  • Spellbound1875#4610Spellbound1875#4610 Registered Users Posts: 2,266
    LH eat a unit slot for the faction they come with so since the beastie boys got both the Ghorgon and the Jabber, and the lizards got a coatyl it looks like CA prioritized units over characters. Both the wood elves and the skaven had the advantage of having all of their army book units which meant prioritizing characters was an option. As more races are completed I expect we'll see more opportunities to add legendary heroes.
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