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F in the chat for Taurox, Oxyotl and Thorek (Mixu's mods)

TheWattman#7460TheWattman#7460 Junior MemberRegistered Users Posts: 1,576


What he was -> What he shall be

Taurox has finally been found after his killingspree into... whoknowswhere and is now thundering towards official status.


What he was -> What he shall be

Oxyotl has returned to us from the Chaos Wastes, from an age of conflict long past and is ready to stand against the tide.

Thorek Ironbrow

What he was -> What he shall be

From out of his Runic Forge, Thorek has emerged with newly crafted runic updates for his people. He, is ready.

Can we all rise and give respectful Fs in the chat for Mixu's versions of the coming DLC/FLC lords!
Thank you Taurox. Thank you Oxyotl. Thank you Thorek.
You have all served us faithfully for years.
Thorek, you led Karak Azul with honour against Grimgor, Gorfang and all the others.
Oxyotl, you aided Lustria time and time again against rats and sniped arrogant warmblood marshalls, who must not be named.
Taurox, you slaughtered everything you saw before you... and did a damn good job at it too!
But now its time for you to rest and then to wake up, christened in a new glorious light.
Its time for your greatest moments yet.
Thank you, Mixu.



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