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Silent Sanctum building cost

twohundredandonetwohundredandone Registered Users Posts: 90
edited August 2022 in Warhammer Campaign Feedback
The lizardmen economy is a bit weak compared to the other factions. Although the Silent Sanctum buildings give some nice bonuses, they don't seem worth the cost considering the building cost and that you'll only benefit from many of them while you're fighting in the region.
Could some of the silent sanctum buildings be upgrading to provide some income? The Vampire Coast and Skaven both get additional income from their secret building mechanics and they provide some meaningful choices (with a rewarding payoff) for building these at the right location.

One way of balancing the cost would be to strengthen the geomantic web. This could activate whether you own the region or not, and the bonus would be beneficial even if you own the settlement.

Overall it seems like Oxyotl's campaign mechanics are weaker than (and has much less hype than) the Beastmen's, so giving the buildings more impactful, lasting buffs would make his campaign more fun.
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  • twohundredandonetwohundredandone Registered Users Posts: 90
    The Grand Sanctum in particular could boost the geomantic web (since visibility becomes much less useful once the region is owned), with some other static economic (or faction-wide) abilities tied to other building chains.

  • Bastilean#7242Bastilean#7242 Registered Users Posts: 2,952
    I heard Oxyotl's campaign is far too easy.
  • twohundredandonetwohundredandone Registered Users Posts: 90
    Bastilean said:

    I heard Oxyotl's campaign is far too easy.

    Yeah seems to be the consensus, I have yet to play it though. I heard in Mortal Empires there's consequences with the Chaos invasion, hopefully it's exciting.
    If it's not too great now, hopefully they tweak it for the WH3 mortal empires to synergize well with whatever they have planned for the Daemons.
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