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CA doesn't know how to Multitask

chefboiardichefboiardi Registered Users Posts: 13
before the overzealous reddit moderators take down my post over there I'll post what I said over here just in case.

It's been proven that CA doesn't know how to multi-task. Please CA stop it. We don't want more brain dead campaigns in any Fantasy or Historical game in the future. I've seen multiple streams on Twitch and YouTube AND now multiple reviews saying that the Lizardmen campaign feels flaccid...yet again. Oxyotl is YET another grudge written in the Lizardmen Plaque of Grudges. I hope we don't see this carry over when we get the next Historical TW.
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  • Neodeinos#5871Neodeinos#5871 Registered Users Posts: 15,614
    The incessant powercreep has been worrying me for quite some time, I do hope CA will adress that. It is absolutely fine to have easy campaigns, there is nothing wrong with that. I enjoy an easy campaign sometimes but when there isn't any challenge even on the higher difficulties then something wrong is going on. I have a feeling that CA may have taken a feedback for certain LLs as "people don't want hard campaigns" instead of "these mechanics are poorly implemented" like Tehenhauin or Malus for instance.

    I think the powercreep really started to be an issue with the addition of Ikit Claw. CA probably thought that people love easy campaigns and don't like hard campaigns as Ikit was very popular and Tehenhauin not so much but it has nothing to do with difficulty, it's just that Ikit's mechanic is well implemented and Tehenhauin's isn't.

  • saweendra#3399saweendra#3399 Registered Users Posts: 18,953
    honestly i could care less about next histortical TW,

    but @Neodeinos pretty much sumed up what i feel . SP needs depth , more overall mechanics like seasons, trade lines, population, diplomacy ,...etc.. done in a much deeper tone right now its too shallow

    #givemoreunitsforbrettonia, my bret dlc

  • Vanilla_Gorilla#8529Vanilla_Gorilla#8529 Registered Users Posts: 38,518
    It's almost like resources are limited.

    Shocker that.
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  • dge1dge1 Moderator Arkansas, USARegistered Users, Moderators, Knights Posts: 23,597
    Moved to Off Topic. A critique on a perception about company business processes, not on the Warhammer game.
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  • davedave1124#4773davedave1124#4773 Senior Member Registered Users Posts: 20,907
    Make changes across the board, do a sizeable update for LM and BM and a major FLC for the Dwarfs.. CA can’t multi task.. ok bud.

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