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Skaven powercreep : Pestilens and Mors

PimPim Registered Users Posts: 1
edited July 14 in Balancing Discussions
So, I had an idea I'd like to share. I know, I know, Skaven REALLY don't need any buffs right now...

But this isn't about Skavens, this is about factions WITHIN Skavendom ! Namely Mors and Pestilens (gee, did anyone read the tittle ;7) Does anybody pick them anymore when starting a new Skaven campaign ? Be honest.

How to fix this ? Give them their own mechanic in line with other clans, instead of letting them be "the vanilla option"! My ideas :

Pestilens are masters of the plague, and CA made it so the plagues actually buffs them... Whenever it actually reaches them... This is the crux ! Pestilens NEED a reliable or semi-reliable way to infect THEMSELVES with plague !
Maybe all your settlements get plagued when you perform a Ritual of Pestilence, maybe Plague Cauldrons have a 2% change to spawn a plague every turn, maybe conquered/sacked settlements are automatically plagued, or Lord Skrolk has a 5% chance to plague his army, SOMETHING !
And with standard rules of plague spreading, THAT would make Pestilens a very, very naughty neighbor, plaguing you before steamrolling your weakened territory, lore friendly !

But what about Mors ? Well, I have an idea for Queek HEADTAKER : what if he actually took heads ?
Whenever an army lead by Queek defeats a legendary lord, his faction receives a permanent buff depending on the faction of the lord defeated, that lasts until replaced by another trophy ! Similar to Orks' Waaagh trophy.
It only works for Queek and he has to lead the battle, so if you like your current buff, just make sure to hunt enemy LLs with your other armies ;7

And then, we come to Tretch Craventail... Which is fine ! He works better when not center stage and is fully lore friendly remaining in the shadows of the Skaven roster, honest !
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