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Total War Access is non adequate!

DrawnDrawn Registered Users Posts: 1

I really enjoy the Total War titles and appreciate all the work CA puts into these Games. But there is one thing I've got a serious issue with: Total War Access! I'm not sure how much traffic is there on totalwar.com on a daily basis, but I'm certain there are extreme spikes on each launch day.
I have to login on totalwar.com - no problem. Then i have to select Steam. Then I have to login into steam, even when i'm already online in steam on my PC at that time. I get to send and receive a verification code. Then I finally get to the site. It tells me: "Steam Redemption Activation. You’re nearly there! We're connecting to Steam to claim your free game."
But I believe on every launch day there are like (i dunno) 100.000 people going to totalwar access all at once. So I always receive:"There was a problem. Please try again later".
And I refresh like 50 times, and I have to wait for like 1-2 hours, until it's finally done.
When it comes to total war: warhammer. I always want to start a new campaign with all the new content. When the woodelves released i wanted to experience the improved campaign with the new "Glade Captain"(totalwar access.) I started a campaign, then I went to TW access. It turns out i have to then start a new campaign to actually use that.
So I have to get that bonus content first and then start my campaign. I've already waited for the DLC-release now I have to add another 1-2 hours. This is actually making me really mad. Why can't it just be on steam? So much easier.

I guess CA wants the traffic for their website, which is fine, but I would really appreciate it, if they would increase their server-capacity on these launch days. Again, I dont want to personally attack CA or their team, but if nobody ever talks about problems, they won't get solved ever.

Can you please fix/improve/remove totalwar access?

Thanks for reading,
have a nice day!
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