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Skink Oracle question



  • saweendrasaweendra Registered Users Posts: 14,794

    yst said:

    cold blooded also

    Cold blood is just an outright pathetic design, entire liz army are cold blood. All liz unit should have cold bood linked to hp or whatever like martial.

    Likely the main reason why this army is so stupidly weak and overpriced.

    Chokeful of garbage unit, useless red skinks, stupidly overpriced nakai, kroak the MOST OVERPRICED character unit in game, dull saurian the WORST monster ror in game, garbae trololololdon, lol the list r endless
    Normal cold blood is fine, it's just the aoe one which sucks.
    It might actually be ok if there was more aoe rampage abilities like the tomb prince has.

    In game 3 we might see at least one more of these with khorne
    #givemoreunitsforbrettonia, my bret dlc
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