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In ProgressBroken Axe (Grom the Paunch) Vortex Final Battle Broken

madhatterz5177madhatterz5177 Registered Users Posts: 1
edited July 2021 in Campaign & Battle Bugs
Hello, ive been playing a Broken Axe vortex campaign over the past 2 days and I just got to the final battle, however all of my units are greyed out and I am unable to move or select them. The ally units attacked the fortress just fine, and I was able to use the Doom Driver Strike global ability you get during the fight, but I cannot select or move any of my units after hitting start battle. All of my units are greyed out, I hadnt played a Grom campaign yet so I thought maybe it was some kind of mechanic where you arrive late but I quickly realized this was just bugged. When looking this up all I found was a very recent, within the hour, post on reddit of another player encountering this bug which leads me to believe it was broken in the most recent update. Would love to be able to complete my campaign but it doesnt seem possible at the moment. Hope this gets addressed quick, thanks for your time.
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