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KnellKnell Registered Users Posts: 2
When you confederates new legendary lord you would get his items and unique quest item he have. But for some reason in this new patch, some legendary beastmen lord I confederate using the dread system don't have item or unique item on.
The first time is with Malygor which I know is still alive in badland and it's fine, he still got the staff and army with him. But with brass bull and Morghur they just show up in recruitment pool ( because their factions got wipe out ?? can't tell ) and have zero items with them even tho their quest is checked. And since it's checked I can't trigger their quest for that item and now their item is gone forever.
Is anyone else get this bug ?


  • RiShigenRiShigen Registered Users Posts: 2
    Same. Confederated Malagor and he's missing his Icons of Vilification item. I leveled him from level 5 to level 12 now and the quest chain doesn't show up at all.
  • Fraxure022Fraxure022 Registered Users Posts: 128
    I have observed this as well
  • KrabbzKrabbz FranceRegistered Users Posts: 466
    Same problem here.

    Playing as Khazrak, when I confederate Taurox (lvl 11 and faction probably wiped) or Malagor (lvl 17 and faction probably wiped) I don't get their quest items even though the skill is checked in their skill tree.

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