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Blood Mods Look awful...

FuzzyNovaFuzzyNova Registered Users Posts: 14
I dont post much in forums but i play Fall of the Samurai Daily. I have a ton of mods active but only a few types. Like Unit Mods, And Graphic Mods and lastly the few blood mods available plus the one you have to buy.
I am wondering which of the three blood mods is best as i must be loading them wrong or one of my mods is messing with it. I am getting these strange Blood squirts with chunks of rib bone everytime someone gets hit. and it doesnt match the place where they get hit. its like blood squirting out of thin air away from the person who got hit. doesnt match and looks really bad. I hate the Gore chunk effect too. I dont seem to have blood splatter on my screen atm though. Anyone else have this issue with this? a good example would be a soldier getting hit with a musket ball and then they fall to the ground while blood is still squirting from the spot they stood out of thin air. I hate this lmao
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