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Vampire Counts, rework.

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Good afternoon.

I really like the Warhammer total war game, and it's a masterpiece. There may be a little lack of infantry formations (medieval total war, a wall of copies, hedgehog), but these are trifles.

I want to talk about the "Vampire Counts" faction and why it should be changed if it is reflected in the game's lore.
Let's start with the shortcomings, and this is obvious-the lack of rifle units and artillery. And if in the beginning it was a unique feature. Over time, this became an obvious drawback. Therefore, no more unique factions were created in the complete absence of any types of units or their alternatives. The company tried to fix this and it's great, but we need to completely redo the faction. I would like to propose a unique concept for a faction that would replace the lack of shooters.

And now about the very concept of the faction. Vampires keep their possessions with the help of fear and horror. But this implies that people live on these lands, which means that they can be used.

When the game first appeared, a faction of the dead was needed, but now there is The Tomb King and Pirate of the Vampire Coast, which allows you to rework the faction and make it unique in that it will combine the troops of the living, with discipline, fear and the troops of the dead.

The possibility of hiring can be tied at the level of vampire filth. People get used to the power of vampires and are subjected to the debauchery of bad vampires, and someone rises and starting from 40% they can be hired into the army, the only thing is that the army does not recover on earth with a bad below 30% (there are no volunteers) and recovers slower than its inanimate colleagues. Or, on the contrary, from the level of contamination of vampires to make a set of the army of the dead, which is more logical.

You can also offer a unique diplomatic option - turning a human faction into a vampire one. And there are three ways to open it: 1) the level of contamination of all provinces of the converted faction is more than 50%, and your preponderance of forces is more than 75%. It is done with the help of a vampire agent. 2) victory over the faction (its surrender) 3) High diplomatic relations and high nasty vampires in the provinces.

You can also divide the game into two sub-factions, where the legions of mounds can not initially hire people until a certain event. But it depends on the processing.

Such a deep processing will qualitatively improve the game and the faction as a whole.

Good luck to you in the new part of the game and in improving the old one.
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