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Known IssueGrom the Paunch final battle bugged (Vortex)

SpesmerinSpesmerin Registered Users Posts: 1
edited August 2021 in Campaign & Battle Bugs

A couple of days ago I started a Vortex campaign with da biggest o' dem gobbos, ol' Grom the Paunch. Everything went (mostly) fine and dandy and I was enjoying it very much, until the bugs started piling up: one time, clicking the Waaagh! button made my game crash and lose progress, a tooltip got randomly stuck to the mouse cursor and I got an Underway interception battle in which only the Waaagh! part of the army could participate. These were all encountered during one session.
My swollen green gut was itching with anticipation when I started the final battle. I watched the cutscene and then, lo and behold, I couldn't control any of my units. The portraits were all greyed out.
I reloaded the save, fooled around for a few more turns and tried again, but got the same glitch. As a result, I can't finish the battle/campaign. Amazing.
What do?

TL;DR: Can't finish Grom Vortex campaign, all units are uncontrollable in final battle.

Thanks in advance,
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