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"Rise of Mordor" Which two Factions Should battle?

FuzzyNovaFuzzyNova Registered Users Posts: 13
So I do alot of Custom battles and Multiplayer battles along with making cinematic videos. And I just downloaded all the unit Mods available for Rise of Mordor that I'm able to get. Minus The One that adds Orcs of Misty mountains pack unfortunately (you have to own all Atilla dlcs it stated in description)
But still the list I have is Humongous compared to what it was. Now the big question. What two Factions would people enjoy seeing rip Eachother apart? I feel as if The whole Gondor Vs Isengaurd or Mordor thing is Done too much.

Out of all of these factions which two would you prefer? (And I think seeing factions that normally are on the same side fight Eachother is rather fun. Like Vale of Dorwinnion Vs Eriador....
ELVES and Dwarves VS Dol Amroth but idk)
I also play a ton of Divide and Conquer Third Age and Elder scrolls Total war. Here is the list that I have of factions to choose from

1. Anfalas
2. Anorien
3. Blackroot vale
5. Dol Amroth
6. Dol Guldur
7. Dorwinnion
8. Dundeling
9 Dunedin
10. Easterlings
12. ELVES and Dwarves
13. Erebor
14. Eriador
15. Gondor
16. Harondor
17. Imladris
18. Isengaurd
19. Lamedon
20. Lebennin
21. London
22. Lossarnach
23. Mordor
24. Pinath Gelin
25. Ringlo Vale
26. Rohan
27. Woodland Realms
28. Allied forces
29. Fiefs of Gondor
30. Forces of evil
31. Kingdoms of man
The last 4 are mixed massive Factions with more to choose from. Thought I would add them.

It's a long list but I am really intrigued by what two Factions people would love to see battle Eachother.


  • BierTempelierBierTempelier Registered Users Posts: 340

    A question in return - considering your ample experience in TW custom battles. How is the battle pace in TW-Atilla Rise of Mordor ?

    I have both TW:WH and all associated DLC but I find the battle pace too fast - too 'arcadey' for my taste. Is Atilla (and RoM) more balanced in terms of battle pace ?
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