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Vampire Counts Bugs - Vlad and Mannfred

DonBambinoDonBambino Registered Users Posts: 1
edited August 2021 in Campaign & Battle Bugs

I would like to report 2 bugs which I have encountered while playing as VC in the Mortal Empires campaigns.

1) Playing as Vlad:
v1.12.0 build 18858.2329086
So now Vlad has a uniqe skill tree containing 1 initial skill (more speed and campaign movement range + strider atribute) then 4 more skills and the final skill (monstrous strenght). So the game says that in order to get that final skill you need to spent at least 2 skill points in the 4-skill tree before. For me it doesn't work. I need to level up ALL 4 skills before I can get the monstrous strenght.

2) Playing as Mannfred:
v1.12.0 build 18858.2329086
The initial wraith king hero - Kevin Von Loydstein - I cannot get him on a mount. When I lvl up skeleton steed or the armoured version the mount item just doesn't appear in his inventory.
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