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The Witchwood wrong names for herdstone tiers

KennyannydennyKennyannydenny The NetherlandsRegistered Users Posts: 77
I'm playing Taurox in Mortal Empires.

Normally the tiers of a raised Herdstone are (not counting unique ones like Hexoatl and Naggarond):
Herdstone > Rune-Covered Herdstone > Bone-Strewn Herdstone > Spired Herdstone > Great Herdstone

I've settled The Witchwood and raised a herdstone (as another minor Beastmen faction razed it to the ground and my objective to raze it didn't get a check). Somehow the names are all wrong.

Tier I and II are correct, but Tier III is named Rune-Covered Herdstone also (so dupe name of Tier II) and Tier IV and V are both named the Bone-Strewn Herdstone. Descriptions of the buildings and bonusses are correct, the names however are not. I've not settled any other magical forests yet, but I completely done Naggaroth and Lustria and this is the only settlement with this problem so far.


  • KennyannydennyKennyannydenny The NetherlandsRegistered Users Posts: 77
    edited September 2021
    The only mod I had enabled in this save was a visual mod for Dark Elves units. I have turned that off to make sure nothing could influence it (although that mod would never touch this) and it is a vanilla game bug. Here's a save game. I think it's a bug related to more magical forests than just The Witchwood as I have the same problem in Oreon's Camp and Gryphon Wood (as can be seen in the same save). Gaean Vale and the Oak of Ages don't have this problem though, so not all magical forest regions are like this.

    (The Sacred Pools and Forest of Gloom for example would probably have the same problems, maybe also the regions around the Oak of Ages. Not that any would quickly encounter that as who would choose one of the other regular regions around the Oak of Ages when you can have a unique Herdstone in the Oak of Ages itself :P)

    And here is my modified log. As I said, no mods enabled, not sure where that error related to the icon of the High Elf Treekin comes from as I have never had a mod changing that...
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  • KennyannydennyKennyannydenny The NetherlandsRegistered Users Posts: 77
    I've tested this today after yesterday's patch and it's still a bug in the game. Too bad this wasn't fixed alongside the other Beastmen bugs the newest DLC introduced.
  • KennyannydennyKennyannydenny The NetherlandsRegistered Users Posts: 77
    I've tested this bug in the latest patch (after the Cavalry Beta went live for everyone) and it is still there. Just an FYI.
  • BillyRuffianBillyRuffian Moderator UKRegistered Users, Moderators, Knights Posts: 40,508
    It might be worth removing that Treekin file from your data folder, just for completeness of mod removal.

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  • KennyannydennyKennyannydenny The NetherlandsRegistered Users Posts: 77
    Alrighty, will do!

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