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Using the CTRL key in battles crashes freezes the game. (Help)

Sky999Sky999 Junior MemberPosts: 5Registered Users
Back in March I made this thread on the Total War Centre forums in regards to constant freezing I was encountering in single player campaign battles.


Since then the problem was made clear! Everytime I, and others, press the CTRL key to select multiple units during battle, the game freezes and the player is forced to ctrl-alt-delete and terminate the program because it won't respond.

Now the CTRL key is undoubtably the cause of the freezing, the problem is that even since March there has been no single fix/solution to this insanely annoying bug, I've scoured as many threads on the issue that I could find, but none of them have ever had any sort of solution, they'll have pages of replies from people having the same problem, but no fix has ever come from a user or the developers.

I'm desperate for a solution to this ctrl key bug, it's stopped me enjoying Shogun 2, even after buying the DLC for it, and I can't accept that after paying money into the product.

Some might say 'Just don't use the ctrl key' but as a long time TW player that is a lot easier said than done, the use of ctrl to select multiple units quickly is really deeply engrained in my mind, plus not using it makes battles needlessly harder to manage.

Is there anyone out there who has a fix for this?
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  • IscaranIscaran Tech-Hero. Posts: 4,229Registered Users
    edited December 2011
    Do you happen to have any other software running in background which might have "ctrl+key" defined as a shortcut ?

    Perhaps try unloading ANYTHING apart from system drivers and see if that fixes this issue.

    Btw. do you happen to have a keyboard with "advanced" features...these can also use special key-bindings.

    Perhaps look if the keyboard has updated drivers.


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  • Sky999Sky999 Junior Member Posts: 5Registered Users
    edited December 2011
    I don't think I do, usually I might have mozilla firefox open in the background, but as for software then no, it's just firefox, steam and shogun 2. Some people have said it tends to freeze when you use ctrl to select a unit you have recently selected if that helps at all.

    Is it possible that the 'select unit' from ctrl to alt might work? I have my doubts, I can't help but think it's not so much the key you use but the fact you're selecting units which is causing the freezing?

    Although honestly I'd rather just be able to use ctrl like everyone else.
  • Sky999Sky999 Junior Member Posts: 5Registered Users
    edited December 2011
    I've just found out I can't edit the select key to be anything other than ctrl so that's out of the window it seems. =/
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