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Empire elector count mechanic; event improvement suggestions

NoSkill4U#6552NoSkill4U#6552 Registered Users Posts: 5,156
The Empire elector count mechanic is very good and with lots of potential to grow into something even better.

Here is what I htink could be done to improve it / its events.

1. Add a way to spend excess prestige

Prestige accumulates quite quickly, since a lot of options just give it to you.

So adding a option to the electorial machinations that gives you an event where you can choose between different buffs would
help mitigate this
Inspired by this mod here

2. Improvement for the "secession"-event


Secessions interestingly only occur when independant electors are ALIVE, tho they would fit much more if they worked in the
opposite way.

Basically, when an elector count faction has been wiped out/subsumed by you the elector could approach you and demand
back his county.
So you would have the option to either comply (lose the province capitol to the elector count faction/get massive amounts of
prestige and bonus diplomatic relation with the returned elector count faction)
refuse ( gives you +1 imperial authority but you have to put down insurgents via incursion events on the world map)

3. Support either faction x or Y

These events could use a third option,
"mediate compromise"; You get bonus prestige (maybe 500) but you lose fealthy with BOTH factions

4. Elector x declares war on elector y


"Do nothing" should neither increase/decrease feally but make you lose Imperial authorithy (maybe -1)

5. Add more events.

More events that maybe address the relations to other nations and factions aswell as give you distinct boni and objectives like
quest battles/incursions/missions etc

Inspired by this mod

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