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Empire elector system; general suggestions

NoSkill4U#6552NoSkill4U#6552 Registered Users Posts: 5,155

1. Add a second positive/green stage to the imperial authority bar.

Going from "waning" to "absolute" is a very steep slope.

I´d suggest moving the current authorithy level to a 4+ threshhold AND add a new level at 1+
(giving +3 growth and +2 chance of elector fealty increase)

2. Changes to negative Imperial authority

Negative Imperial authority just makes everything plain worse. Having a few more trade-offs would make it much better.

So I´d suggest

- adding a chance of Flagellants OR free company milita popping up in your elector supply tab for instant
recruitment, with the chance increasing the worse your imperial authority gets (stars at 0 authority /"waning")

Inspired by this mod

- negative levels "crumbeling" and "calamitous" giving you +4/+8 leadership for your armies
(greater perils demand greater courage to face)

- negative level "calamitous" beeing changed;
instead of making all electors declare war on you (which they can t if you have wiped them all out) it now gives

/a chance for a incursion event in 1-2 random provinces of yours (the enemies of the Empire won t waste such a opportunity)
/10% chance of fealty decrease for the electors
/negative 8 public order
/+8 leadership (as stated above

That way negative Imperial authority still has an impact after all the electors have been destroyed, while still giving you a
chance to deal with it, militarily

3. Change the way seccession works when 0 fealty is reached

CAUTION: This is different then my secession event suggestion from this thread, but it can work alongside each other.

Now, currently the way it works is you reach 0 fealty and then the country "seceds" you either go to war or you pay to avert it.
However, it´s basically not a whole lot different from you just declaring war.

So I suggest,
the elector faction will become (or join, if it still exists) the "Empire secessionists"-faction.

The "Empire secessionists" are extremely hostile towards you and as long as they are alive you have an additional chance of fealty loss for all electors AND negative public order penalty (like -2) .
Basically, it´s a self growing cancer that you have to stamp out as quickly as possible!

4. Allow us to vassalize the elector counts

You don t always want to take over territories entirely, so this option would be offered with the confederation event.

Basically what it would do is

- Dilemma presented at 10 fealty allows the option to vassalize an elector. (Vassal electors are still privy to the dilemma events).
- The Provincial unit rewards are now awarded when a vassal owns it’s capital city.

Inspired by this mod
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  • DigitalFistDigitalFist Registered Users Posts: 21
    Perhaps it's just me but I hadn't played The Empire since TW:WH1 where they were one of my favourites, but I tried again recently on WH2 and found this system unnecessarily complicated and just gets in the way of any enjoyment. Packed it in after around 40 turns and haven't gone back to them since.
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