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Middenheim Endtimes

Coldsteel254Coldsteel254 Registered Users Posts: 7
So I just read the whole endtimes books.
Wtf was the fall of Middenheim all about LOL, they were all posted up ready to defend the gates, the caves and tunnels were held by Martark. And it was like GM was all well **** we need Archaon in the city so all of a sudden friggin skaven materialize inside the gate houses and blow everyone up, and open the gates. Hahaha I was like well that was dumb.
Also Altdorf...... They get it back from the Glottkin and Sigmar himself is there and again GM was like oh we need chaos to win so all of a sudden the city falls to skaven and they go to Averheim. Lawl have mercy so dumb. Why not just keep the city in ruins from the Glottkin? Seems like the skaven were used just as a out when they didn't wanna tell a story about how something happened.
I am ok with AOS, but I grew up with WHF it was prolly my fav setting so it drives me crazy. I mean it's ok they destroyed the world and went with AOS but damn I wish it was just told better. I know this has been said a million times but I wanted to put my rant In so my 2 cents was said LOL.
I mean it's like if Drizzt got killed by some random orc or something out of nowhere in the middle of a book ya know?
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