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Developer Tip: More Enabled Factions and Other Tips

Teusaquillo#3747Teusaquillo#3747 Registered Users Posts: 3
Since I was a child I have loved the epic of the Trojan War
I have thoroughly studied this beautiful legend.
I am very grateful to the Total WAR team for this installment. I play it from the first day it came out.
I would like to suggest the following factions that can develop and enable a campaign:

1. NARICA, AYAX the MINOR. This character is not secondary in the myth. He is a sadistic man who rapes soothsayer Cassandra, Eleno's sister. This can give an evil character for the campaign.
2. CRETE with INDOMENEO. It is useless to say them. Crete has a lot of material to develop your own campaign. Minotaurs, labyrinth, Icarus and Daedalus. Crete has an original socio-economic system.

The Trojans require more factions for the campaign now that Ajax and Diomedes are in.
3. ELENO's faction, AHETRIA, would be perfect for this. Eleno is Cassandra's brother and is helped by Apollo. Furthermore, he is also a son of Priam
4. Troilus, from Ilion de Imbarso could have a good campaign, but much better Deifobo, the third son of Priamo, an excellent warrior who lived until the fall of Troy and was Elena's husband after the death of Paris. I'm not sure if it has a faction already included.
5. Memnone, New faction. Instead, to make Lycia an immense power, it can be shared with a colony of Memnone. Black skinned, nephew of Priam, King of Persia and Ethiopia, legendary and formidable warrior. This is an excellent candidate.
6. The hero RESO, from THRACIA who would have the peculiarity of never being able to approach Troy because that would cost him death.

Other suggestions are:
- The Amazon Pentiselea should have better diplomatic relations with Troy and worse with the Acheos, in particular against FTIA.
- On the other hand, in the story mode, they should further develop the fidelity of the Trojan myth. Seeking that the game represents the closest thing to the myth, is a guarantee of the success of the game.
- The god Ades is necessary.

If you require advice so that the game is closer to the MYTH you can contact me and consult me. I assure you that, if you hire me, I will do my best to make the game as faithful to the literary narratives.
My email is [email protected]
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