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Hi, So I don/t really have hope for this but something in me refuses to give.
I came back to the game after a around 1.5 year pause ... and well the AI behaves really weirdly all of a sudden,
Its most pronounced in sieges when I'm attacking... where the AI will just run their troops around the wall for no reason... Wont even attack. The worst part was when I tried downgrading to patch 19 everything worked great... Well until i started tinkering with it for a while now it behaves the same as patch 20 AI for some reason. The thing is I played on patch 20 before and Ive never seen this behavior its like the AIs units cant path find to mine or it keeps spamming orders.
Has anyone encountered this before... I tried everything from reinstalling the game, reinstalling steam, reinstalling drivers(I know half of these don't make sense to do but "persistence" I guess). And even the weirdest part is my old GPU burned out and I got a new one (pray for my bank account pls). But it also somehow changed the AI where now the melee units behave kinda OK but ranged unit AI is even worse than before hahah. Perfectly balanced I guess ....
Also Its not because of the map or something similar since Ive been testing on the same map with the same troop composition for a month now
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