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Cavalty beta patch doesn't change much :/ Not sure where to post this



  • Gloire_bbGloire_bb Registered Users Posts: 17

    There was no cavalry that was meant to smash into braced infantry from the front.

    Macedon's Companion cavalry were among the first to use long lances on the charge, they flanked or attacked form the rear, not the front. Knights never attacked from the front if they thought the target would stand its ground. Trained warhorses were expensive.

    The Romans never used pikes or spears with their legionaries after the Samnite Wars and yet they didn't have a crippling weakness to cavarly charges. At Carrhae they weren't repeatedly charged from the front, they were peppered with missiles for days until their ranks were thinned out and ramshackle enough to allow for a charge with the heavy cataphracts. If the Parthians had tried to go for moronic Rohirrim charge right away, Crassus would have gotten the military triumph he so badly sought after.

    Infantry was always the king of the battlefield until WW freaking One. This game turning infantry into nothing but mobile obstacles is a disgrace and it should not be compounded by turning cavalry into freakin' tanks that can just roll them over.

    History under spoiler

    1. Heavy cavalry was meant to do just that for much of its history. Exact details, however, differ a lot - heavy cavalry of Alexander the Great and heavy cavalry of Zeydlitz are obviously completely different their details.
    2. Companion cavalry did both. But it was intended to break enemies upfront - if you can do that, you'll be able to rear-charge as well:

    3. Knights normally had to attack from the front. Their whole point was in being able to do that, after all. Expensive or no, their lands were originally given to them precisely in order to make them able to absorb costs of war. In addition, after ~14th century onwards, costs are increasingly being absorbed by the state. Furthermore, it isn't like normal lance charge is a suicidal affair. And yes, loss of several destriers in a row was indeed a frequent reason to go bankrupt.
    4. Romans used spears(not pikes, admittedly) throughout the whole ~2000 years of their damn history. Only in a relatively short(~200 years) period they were not the main weapons of the heavy infantry(legions) - and even then, heavy pilum always could be used as such. By the late 3rd century, the spear has returned to its rightful place - and never disappeared again till 1453. Furthermore, spears quite rapidly got longer, right up to the practical limit of actual infantry spear (about 4m). Ah, yes, strike arm of Roman armies from the 4th century onwards was precisely heavy cavalry.
    5. Heavy cavalry indeed relatively rarely charged "unsoftened", prepared, steady infantry. Not because it couldn't, but because it defeats the whole purpose of the decisive charge. But (1)it did happen(with mixed results), and (2)so did the infantry. Or chariots. Or elephants. If you want to win - you improve your chances of doing so. Simple as that.
    For heavy cavalry, it's especially crucial, however, because it really only could reliably charge once. Second charge (of the same unit) was a sign of a very good cavalry and commander. Third charge... I honestly don't even remember such cases. Of course, multiple smaller units could attack one after another, but it's a very different thing.
    Just to make sure: an actual attack of the heavy western cavalry looks like this:

    This is cuirassiers. A realistic knightly charge probably looked way worse than that.

  • AkiAmazAkiAmaz Registered Users Posts: 511
    Thank you for posting this. I havent played TWW since Raworth dropped as I felt the game is too stale with reduced variation - the meta is too heavy biased to ranged and SEM with infantry and cavalry being nigh on meaningless.

    I was hoping the beta would resolve the cavalry issue but apparently not.

    For me TWW needs some heavy fixes and to start id nerf missile units to reduce the number that can fire by rank. Anyhow that is off thread.

    Again, thank you for posting this here.
  • Rat-ee-jiK#7094Rat-ee-jiK#7094 Registered Users Posts: 194
    To confirm CA, the latest tweak to the beta this week has had little discernible difference in my experience. Please consider further changes to cavalry for the BETA.
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