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evilgunzevilgunz Registered Users Posts: 1
So in intrest of helping with feedback to improve the game, I would suggest that you revamp your AI as right now I am fighting a plant. I will address some but by far not all issues. Feel free to contact me if you would like to go deeper into this mess that is warhammer AI. So I am going to start with Castle battles, archers, arty and lords. Thing's I have seen but, not all. Lets start with the lords.
1) lords running to and from but not into battle (and yes they were not wizards or ranged) this happens normally in castle battles but I have seen it in land battles as well. In one castle battle I was able to effectivly desolve his force holding me at the gate before his lord decided to attack...oops. Had the lord not been getting cardio in a back ally he might have been able to buff his troops enough that they would not have routed.

2) lords (and heros) rushing into whole armies while main force is not even close to help or chasing a unit that has no value other than speed around the map while his army gets deleted. The computer should use lords but, it should also (simple programing) be able to use his buffs for his front line i.e. they fight longer and better in most cases. By all means fight with him but, he should not venture into the center of two hydras one black guard and an executioner unit by himself. This is a recipe for massive hit to his army and his life deleated in about 12 sec.

Make the lords do what they should do support armies the right way. This fix alone would make a world of improvement and should be a very easy lift for your team.

3) Archers, I don't know about everyone else but, I tend to prioritize my archers in Large targets meaning big and ugly in most cases, then other achers, then large units then lords or heros. I love the ai archers and have found that they will shoot at something they don't really need to in order to launch arrows into one of my heros that I have in the middle of one of his units normally breaking his own units. Bravo! Also I get skirmish but, all of them? I can negate any army ai archers with cav or air units simply by running or flying the general direction. Maybe a tweek is needed to have one fall back but another stand and fire. Lets face it archers can rip fell bats but, not while they are running.

Archers also need to have some work mostly in castle battles so that when they fire and are hitting only a building they will change target or move to get clear line of fire. I have seen archers waist entire ammo supply into a wall when all they had to do was move.

4)Arty, this is the biggest dissapointment in the battles. I have watched a hell cannon fire into a tree until all ammo expended while my friend deletes the Chaos army with half the number of troops. I have watched a single lord run in circles and waist all arty ammo with no hits on him effecivly removing the arty. I have watche muliple ary pieces not be able to make their minds up and which way to fire, I have watched morters fire at wolves with speed rating of 100+. I have watche arty not do anything while entire army is deleated by arty from beyond the walls (castle) In short, arty ai is usless at best. Arty should have two fixes, first they should fire at things they can hit not stuff they are not likely to hit expet as last resort. (make ai pick targets like a person would this should be simple programing)

Second, if arty fires and hits a tree the ai should choose another target or move to get a clear shot on target he is firing at.
Third, if arty is decimating his own troops it should choose another target or stop firing all together until a safe fire location can be obtained. I.e. stop letting me put a buffed hero in the middle of your line and letting you destroy your troops the hellstorm rockets and mortors.

5) Castle battles.........broke.....does not work.......waist of time....irritatingly easy. Some of the things I have seen. The enemy has a battering ram, a giant, bad gas not a problem before he gets to the door send lord or hero to open gates and stand just on inside part. All army going to the gate will stop and stand send archers to gate ( you can shoot through open door) and walls deleate army. Problem solved. THIS NEEDS TO BE FIXED ASAP.

If ladders hit the walls and you are a archer unit fall back, any unit that climbs ladders will not move until entire unit is on the wall. They will stand there until enitre unit is on the wall. This is really fun for your arty or archers. If the unit is a archer unit it will not fire until all of them are on the wall. THIS NEEDS TO BE FIXED ASAP.

If you are attacking a castle NP just stack on one side of castle move out of towers FOF and launch arty, spells and arrows at units. I have amost ripped entire armies doing this. Once you have done so move to walls sweep up rest, oh and if they have arty NP AI arty is ok with this and will not fire on you. THIS NEEDS TO BE FIXED ASAP. and if they have a ton of cav or other nasties NP they will not come attack you because they are broke too, flying units np there is an invisible force field that holds them in place, not really! just really lousy programing. THIS NEEDS TO BE FIXED ASAP.

Did you bust a gate down NP send ranged units stand outside the gate where towers cannot hit you are fire directly into the opening no worries if cav or flying units they will not get you. Bust down entire wall don't worry nothing will come out either just kill them all from outside. If you go in they will follow you out but, will turn and go back in simply move away from castle. ALL OF THIS NEEDS TO BE FIXED ASAP.

I don't know who you have has quality control on games but, I hope they are not the same ones on wh3. I don't know who did AI programming but, I hope they are gone also. I have a laundry list of things wrong with the ai but, any of these things above fixed would vastly improve this game and the player vs ai experiance. Yes I know I can buff the ai great I have to make the ai cheat just to beat me which I have come to find out even then it can't because it is broke.

I love this games possibilities. I hate how short it falls. I hope you will get an update started to fix any one of these. This should be a very easy lift for even a moderatly talented programmer.

Other than that I wish you the best and hope to hear from you if you would like any further information. I have a ton with only 2000+ hrs played, I am sure I will find a ton more.



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