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4 years of development. Maybe the multiple teams and projects was a bad idea



  • RafSwi7#7492RafSwi7#7492 Senior Member Registered Users Posts: 2,781
    Why we have multiple projects? Well, the answer is simple. Games sells way better than any DLC (no matter how good DLCs are).

    Why WH3 takes so long to make? IMHO the reasons are:
    • We will see more changes in the gameplay in WH3 than between WH1 and WH2. WH2 was more like a standalone expansion than a proper sequel. WH3 hopefully will be different in that regard.
    • These changes might require a lot of work. For example adding proper sieges or minor cities battles (if we will have them) will require to create new battle maps for over 300 regions.
    • As a third part in the combined trilogy, WH3 will have a lot of "legacy code" inside of it. This means that many old aspects of WH1 or WH2 will have to be redesigned to fit into new changes. Otherwise they won't work. Remember all these problems with Norsca in WH2 (which had to be "built from scratch")? Devs might have faced similar problems with all WH1 and WH2 factions in WH3.

    As far as I am aware, Epic has not paid any company based on the number of downloads. They have negotiated a set price before the give away release. The gaming company would then get the same amount of money, if the game was given away to one person or a billion. Is there info out there suggesting this was different for CA and Troy?

    Either way, $30 million is $30 million.

    Yes, as far as we know Epic does not pay for claimed free copies. You just receive so called "Minimum Guarantee" for exclusivity, which depends on the type of the game, brand, publisher etc. We don't know the MG for Troy. Personally, based on Sega numbers, I have speculated that this $30 million was from $10 million MG and $20 million from sales (post free 24h) but this was just my speculation.
    KronusX said:

    You do realize that those 30 millions were 100% because of the 7 millions copies paid by EPIC right? Or you actually BELIEVE for a second that people bought so many copies that they ended up getting 30 millions from Troy? Epic paid CA based on the nr of copies people downloaded and everyone and their mother was spamming every discord to pick Troy on the day they would give it for free.

    In case Troy would have made more money than WH2, they would left a skeleton team and focused the remaining team on Troy, which was not the case then, is not the case now and will not be the case in the future. Troy is nice for a couple of hours, but nothing that the most ardent fans would play for 50 hours and more.

    As mentioned above, Epic does not pay for free claimed copies. CA has received some upfront money.

    Based of Sega reports up to September 2020, Troy might have sold (not free copies) additional ~400k copies. Grace on Discord has mentioned that it sold very good after a free period.

    Troy was also the most profitable SEGA game in 2020, which means that in 2020 it sold more then other titles and their DLCs. In other words, in 2020 it brought more money than for example 3K and its DLCs or WH2 and its DLCs. This obviously explains why we have seen more DLCs for Troy.

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