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Official Competition to predict the Monogod formula.

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G'day one and all,

As we await the forum to get buried in threads about how awesome Cathay is lets have a little competition. A competition to get closest to predicting the Monogod formula as possible. We all know Monogods will release with some sort of formula. Something tying the choices of units together. Tell us what you think the formula for the rosters will be.

The basic rules:
- Decide your own prize, something you can give yourself
- We're predicting formula, you can talk about specific units, but this about the formula.
- This isn't some mono debate thread, that's cringe, don't make this thread cringe.
- Keep it positive.
- Winner is decided by whoever necros the thread when we learn all the rosters. Note no one should necro the thread, but if someone does they decide the winner.

Example, and my entry:
Monogod formula:

- All Demon units included
- All basic Demon infantry coming in two flavours; basic, and exalted
- Soul Grinder and furies in all 4 armies
- Cultist hero is melee for Khorne and a sorcerer for the rest
- Mortals riding some Demonic thing (Humans in all except Tzeeentch which is BM riding discs)
- Chaos Warriors of X in every roster
- Minotaurs of X in every roster
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