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Amusing how Kairos shows himself to be more badass than Skarbrand

JellyphasJellyphas Registered Users Posts: 96
edited September 2021 in General Discussion
Now I'm saying this on account of their debut appearances in the trailers. Obviously, Skarbrand will be a melee powerhouse and Kairos will be a powerful spellcaster In-Game.

However, I do find it amusing that Kairos shows himself to be more of a badass than Skarbrand due to Kairos having a much higher kill-count. I mean, the double-headed bird kills hundreds of Cathayan Troops, the war balloons and even the terracotta giants. Really leaves a great impression! The first time we see Skarbrand? Doesn't really do much.

But it is sad in hindsight that we don't see the Exiled One shine as the raging war-machine that he is as he carves a bloody path in his bloodlust.
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