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DLC-theory for "the other provinces" of Cathay



  • talonn#7575talonn#7575 Registered Users Posts: 3,307
    edited September 2021
    If there are more Cathay dragon LLs to come, I hope they will be more than serpentine dragons. More varieties would be nice eg. turtle dragon, etc

    Serpentine dragons are cool. But 4 serpentine dragons LLs are abit too much
  • TheWattman#7460TheWattman#7460 Registered Users Posts: 2,015
    An update from the WH3 website, with info on the Iron Dragon which seems to confirm multiple Dragon Children, not just his Storm Sister...

  • Arcani_4_Ever#4489Arcani_4_Ever#4489 Registered Users Posts: 2,820

    Cental thoughts:
    As for the Storm Dragon, her purple form would seem to suggest a connection with the Lore of Death, which honestly, as Harmony and Yin and Yang goes, would make for a great set of opposites that you need to get to work in unison to defend the Empire right? Alternatively her name implies a connection with the Lore of Heavens, but I digress. Now for the others:

    Her name Miao Ying, "Bewitching Shadows", already makes your central thought problematic.
    I was refering to her name as Storm Dragon, as Im not a chinese speaker and don't know the meanings of their person-names.

    Another potential would be the Jade Vampires. Considering how the rulers of each province are the children of the Dragon Emperor now. Then the LL for the Jade Vampires could be a traitor child that was turned by Neferata.

    Also the Dragon Emperor himself needs to be an LL.

    Specially if we are getting OP characters like Nagash in the future.

    The Dragon Emperor is very strong, but he is no Chaos God level of strong.

    In the End Times Grimgor and the Skaven overran and destroyed Cathay. So he's very killable.

    How would turning a Dragon Child into a Vampire work? Surely it can't be as simple as resurecting a dead Dragon as a zombie? I would think such blood would be immune to the Blood Kiss?

    Seems like they rewrote the rules on Cathay now and the Emperor is now a god too. Thus, all previous lore has been invalidated.

    It can work. Abhorash entire Bloodline is about Vampires that drank Dragon Blood.

    And we know that Dragons can be revived as Zombie Dragons.

    We also know that Dragons can turn and be corrupted by Chaos.

    Also the Cathayan Dragons are a bit different than the Western Dragons. They have a human form as well.

    Also we know the Jade Vampires have Green Blood. It could definitely be a side effect of turning a Cathayan Dragon into a Vampire.

    Also Dragons in-lore are more than just monsters. In the distant past they were their own Race. So they are far more "human" than many think.
  • hastur_not_y_kinghastur_not_y_king Registered Users Posts: 47
    JungleElf said:

    JungleElf said:

    Where's the number nine coming from?

    "The Dragon has Nine Children" is a very common saying in China. It refers to how children could be so different from each other and their parents.
    So we don't know if the Dragon Emperor actually has 9 children?
    Of course we don't know. It's just we can't rule out there being nine in total across LLs and LHs. Yet.
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