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Searching for "Screaming Bell sound effect", noncommercial project

MarethMareth Registered Users Posts: 1
Hello everybody,

first of all I want to thank the CA-Team for showing me, that there is a way to improve the historical (loved) gameplay of the last decades! Thank you for every efford you took to unleash TOTAL WAR WARHAMMER!

Here is my humble request:
I am searching for the Screaming Bell sound effect for a noncommercial LARP-Project. I want to bring a small group of Skavenplayers together and thats why i am searching for this iconic sound.

It is used in several games and audiofiles, but i never found in legally and clear of other effects. The Sound is needed for this project and I ask politly, if there is anybody who can help me!

Important: I do not want to cause any trouble by Copyright infringement. That's why this request is just for privat and noncommercial useage.

Thanks for your help and excuse my probably bad English. I am sry :)

Greetings from a Fan since TW Medieval 1

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