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The last Warhammer 2 patch and flc ideas

Lowca12Lowca12 Registered Users Posts: 2
To CA employee who might read it - the list seems long but contains only few things hard to change, for example bugs, the rest is easy and seemingly unimportant but would make campaign gameplay much more enjoyable. The games are excellent but by a little effort could still be much less frustrating and boring. The better You finish this game, with the last patch, the more people will buy the next. Please read this and share it with Your coworkers, who are responsible for creating this game and able to make changes.
-Tuskgor charriot bug (it deals far too much damage)
-Cavalry charge bug (cavalry damages itself)
-Ghorgon and giant falling bug (they fall too often, especially ghorgon does not make as much dmg as should at his price)
-Coatl dying from nothing while fighting on walls bug
-Greenskin waagh! causes slower movement penalty to the mother army, probably bug
-Coatl has awful fighting on land animation (perhaps could be fixed by giving it necropolis knights' snake mount animation)
-Dread Saurian underwhelming animations do silly damage against infantry (tail sweep could fix it)
-Coatl has bad looking head, it should look like this https://warhammerfantasy.fandom.com/wiki/Coatl?file=Warhammer_Coatl.jpg
-Grom the Paunch ai has to be removed from Ulthuan to not die within 13 turns.
-Tomb kings and Thorek should get items not only by occupying but also sacking towns (for example Nagash's books)
-Nakai special currency needs to be balanced https://www.reddit.com/r/totalwar/comments/p0fnr1/nakai_campaign_is_kind_of_broken
-Lybaras city should (by lore and trade) get port building
-Circle of destruction should be port city too (Shadow wood province in Naggaroth)
-Confederated lords skill points should be resetted
-Tehenhauin should start with skink building instead saurus
-Volkmar should not have to attack Kislev for a quest item (could attack Norsca instead)
-Dark elves should have encamp or raiding encamp stance and global recruitment. The dark arks can't help far inland. It won't make them overpowered anyway so why not?
-Technologies and lord skills for dlc units needs to be updated, it was forgotten every time after dlc with new units
-High elf hero mage should have a pegasus mount
-Goblin hero shaman should have a wolf and a wolf charriot mount
-Slann should have a stegadon mount (CA tried several times to make Slann worthy but it did not work, truth is Slann need stegadons, just make them the most expensive lord both in campaign and multi if on stegadon, and be done with it, otherwise skink heroes will forever be better), everyone will be happy, there is alredy animation to be used from Mazdamundi
If Teclics was given dlc arcane phoenix for mount then a few other characters could get dlc mounts too.
-Skaven hero engineer should have doomflayer mount
-Eshin sorcecer wolf rat mount (from brood horror animation)
-Tiktaq'to should get Ripperdactyl mount, but still be starting on his special terradon. Currently Tehehauin is better pilot.
-Beastmen still need antilarge bestigors with halberds (normal version of the renown unit), super simple to add
-Vampire counts need antilarge grave guard with halberds, could be reskin of empire, bretonnia, tomb kings unit
-Nesferata as flc vampire counts lord, with addition of Lahmia to vortex map
-cold ones adjusted with strider, missile resi 15%, vanguard, higher m attack
-razorgor herd should get to hide in a forest
-dwarf bolt thrower, when at 3 entity, should have increased dmg to 150
-Gotrek, Ungrim and Giant Slayers still don't have the Deathblow animation https://www.reddit.com/r/totalwar/comments/pem6q1/just_a_heads_up_that_gotrek_ungrim_and_giant/
-Diplomatic traits which make factions to do nothing, for example minor power, passive, sruvivor, should be removed. Those traits only make game boring.
-Alith Anar faction needs island climate
-An option to switch off rogue armies would be nice.
Now to the bigger, map changes, which could make boring factions interesting to play.
There are provinces in Southlands present at mortal empires map, but not at vortex map. They alongside of few provinces of old world could be added to the vortex map, which should be expanded to the east. Those are: Dragon isles, Broken teeth, Devil backbone, Crater of walking dead, Charnel valley, Southern badlands, Marshes of madness, Blightwater, Tilea, Estalia, Skavenblight and new province of the Doom mountain (big volcano to the north from Charnel valley).
Malus starting far from Hag graef still keeps it. It is a very good idea, allowing to play simultaneously in very diffrent conditions. It could be utilised more.
- Dragon isles could be starter for Imrik still owning capital city of Caledor province
- Desolation of Nagash for Nesferata
- Lahmia a ruin
- If Khalida shoud not be moved then at least should have Lybaras, like Malus Hag graef (and Imrik Caledor)
- Mahrak for a tomb king faction
- Rasetra for a Vampire faction
- Doom Glade for a Vampire pirate faction
- Snikch could be moved to Charnel valley, or instead of him a skaven minor clan
- Grom the paunch should be moved (both player and ai) to Southern badlands or Blightwater (vortex), Massif orcal (mortal empires)
- Marshes of madness and Blightwater with factions from mortal empires, except Karak azgal, there should be a dwarf clan (in the lore a dwarf killed a dragon and retook the mountain)
- new province of The Doom mountain (big volcano to the north from Charnel valley) with skaven Clan Volkn
- Tilea and Estalia with mortal empires factions
- Skavenblight with a skavenblight faction led by Paskrit the Vast -- Warlord-General of all Skavendom. Lizardmen, Helfs and Delfs have their capitals, but skaven not. It should be adjusted. It would make campaign more interesting for skaven and helfs, becauese Ulthuan would be attacked heavily from the east too. Playing as any skaven faction, player should have an event oportunity to confederate Skavenblight
High elfs have been the most boring, while they could have been The Empire of the second game. The Empire has the best campaign because You reunite the country whilst constantly fighting diffrent enemies who are besieging every province. Every province has its own main enemy and the same is with dwarfs, greenskins, lizardmen, dark elfs and so on, but not with high elfs, it should be adjusted. Even in the lore Ulthuan is many times attacked by dark elfs, norscans, skaven and others. The game should start with dark elf vanguard invasion on Ulthuan, and dark elfs' chaos mercenaries. Also scavenger factions arrive. So to make it worth playing as LL at Ulthuan every helf faction should get an adversary, instead of fighting each other, for example:
-Skaven clan klaw at Angerrial and Shrine of Asuryan, they could get 3 lvl Shrine of Asuryan with walls. lore https://warhammerfantasy.fandom.com/wiki/Clan_Klaw
-Caledor fighting a vampire coast minor faction which occupies both minor towns
-Southern Yvresse: Cairn Thel and Shrine of Loec occupied by a minor greenskin faction, for example Grom's vanguard
-Northern Yvresse: Sardenath and Tralinia occupied by skaven Clan skurvy, which is vassal to the Skavenblight
-Ellyrion should be fighting a beastmen horde, brought by dark elfs
-Tiranoc should be fighting Crone Hellebron, who should start with army next to Salvation isles (while having control over Har ganeth)
-Saphery should be fighting a Norscan faction controlling 3 level Port Elistor with barricades and Evershale (Avelorn port city).
-Drycha should be playable at vortex map, fighting against the welf siblings, delfs and helfs. She could start at new magical forest province - Glooming wood, now placed within Shadowwood province of Naggaroth to the west from Monoliths and to the north from Hotek's column. As ai She could get outposts at Venom glade and Twisted glade, also in Avelorn Tor saroir. On this map the forest is seen https://scentofagamer.files.wordpress.com/2017/04/naggaroth_north_warhammer.jpg
She could start with the magical forest but with Drycha's army within Avelorn, at Tor saroir, attempting to take Gaean vale.
-Alarielle the Radiant could start with Gaen vale but she and her army be at Elven ruins (the Land of the Dervishes) 3 level walled settlement. She would be on her way to https://warhammerfantasy.fandom.com/wiki/Tower_of_the_Sun and start at war against Malus.
-Eltharion could start with army at Arnheim (The Black Coast of Naggaroth) or Gronti Mingol (Southern badlands added to vortex as mentioned before) but controlling capital cities of North and Southern Yvresse
-Teclics should start with at least non agression pact with Saphery
-Helf minor factions' capitals could start with walls
-Crone Hellebron could start with army next to Salvation isles (while having control over Har ganeth)
-Clar karond is the only main delf city with no legendary lord associated (due to mistake made by Games workshop because of the similar name of Karond Kar) whilst could be with Rakarth, at least by non agression, if not by event. Its special building giving access only to hydra, should be expanded to other delf monsters.
-Exchange of Rakarth and Malus positions would be more lore friendly
-Tretch Craventail moved to Keshta Vault (Obsidian Peaks) or Drackla Spire (Red Desert), to make place for Drycha. Also those western provinces of Naggaroth have not been used but now would be.
-Bretonnia map could be expanded https://forums.totalwar.com/discussion/258983/expanding-bretonnias-map
-Bretonnia could get dlc with the 3 game's faction. Bretonnia could get cheap to add units (only reskins), which would allow the other faction of the dlc to get cool monsters. The units would be:
-the lost sons - they would be a small unit of cavalry (demigryph size) with all atributes of the Green Knight giving bretonnia armour piercing cavalry, their weakness would be low number of entities and vulnerability to magic damage, similar to cairn wraths
-herimaults - reskinned Lothern Sea Guard with no shields, but with stalk, vanguard, fire whilst moving, poison arrows and def against huge
-ballista - reskinned dwarf ballista, with fire attacks also, to be bretonnia's anti large artillery
-spear chucka flc for greenskins - reskinned dwarf ballista https://warhammerfantasy.fandom.com/wiki/Goblin_Spear_Chukkas
-Arkhan the Black should have + 20 reputation with vampire pirates too
-Grombrindal could start at Karak Azgal (blightwater)
-Karl Franz should start with non agression pact with wulfhart
-Hexoatl (isthmus of lustria) landmark blessed incubator should have exotic animals bonuses of extra recruit rank, recr upkeep and recr cost reduction
-Option for units caps would be good
-Certain factions have too many buildings, it is hard to get diffrent units in campaign, often game is over before it is possible. so less buildings.
-tomb kings scorprion nest moved to be 4 lvl building of charriots chain
-helfs noble hero moved to rally field (citizen militia), so elven court chain could be deleted, it is needless.
-helfs charriots could be moved to elven cavalry building chain and bolt throwers to citizen militia, then delete smiths building
-dragon princes moved to cavalry chain building, with necessity to have dragon lair building to recuit them
-units from handmaidens gallery and grove to citizen milita, delete handmaidens gallery and grove, eagle moved to shrine of asurayan 1 level
-swordmasters to lvl 5, white lions (warriors) to lvl 4 war hall, lion beasts to lvl 3
-shadow walkers (Alith anar faction only) should be moved to lvl 4 war hall and their special building deleted
-Dark elfs riders buildings could be moved to be part of aristocracy (dread manse is higher lvl) and exiles buildings moved to be 4 lvl of barracks with greatsword shades and sisters of slaughter as 4 tier units
-lizardmen cold one units moved to saurus chain building and their building deleted, flying units moved to skink building chain
-new skaven provinces could be added: Black chasm in Bretonnia (desolation climate, small settlement, part of Massif orcal province), Bitter stink, close to Marienburg (desolation climate, single town province of Cursed marshes)
-Skavenblight added to vortex map
-Ambush attack stance of beastmen, skaven and Alith anar should be deleted. It is boring, needless, to easy and bugged. If not deleted fully then at very least it should not work against armies sieging and in encamp stance. Sieging and encamping should protect fully against the ambush attack.
-Ostland and Ostermark should start with non agression pact and trade with kislev, ostland could start fighting norscans
-Dwarf rangers could be moved to barracks, and their m attack and m def increased so they would be better in melee than quarellers and thunderers
-More growth for lizards
-Norsca and Warriors of chaos could be made an excellent faction at singleplayer by simply merging the dlcs and the factions. They could be similar quasi faction as vampire pirates. They would only need walled settlements (lore friendly and player joy friendly) and chaos portal outposts outside of Norsca, similar to wood elf outposts (just 1 building giving chaos corruption, small income, replenishment and small garrison strong enough to stop recollonizing by 1 man ai armies).
-Dwarf dlc with the 3 game's faction would be nice. Units could be rune guardians, rune golems, shard dragons (reskinned, bigger razordon)
Thank You for reading and please share it with Your coworkers.

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