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Blue horrors, squigs and possibly nurglings using same skeleton/animations?



  • RamsesIII#4621RamsesIII#4621 Registered Users Posts: 1,183

    People are saying this literally just because those are all units with big mouths and faces...In a perfect world, I would have preferred the older models for a grittier appearance:

    But for being an adaptation of the modern horrors, they look pretty good. I just hope the horrors split as they're supposed to. I don't think we've seen brimstone horrors yet.

    I feel like the old horrors would have been a nightmare to animate in a way that did those models justice. I'm pretty pleased with how they look in the trailer, and yeah, here's hoping the split is implemented in a fun way somehow, even if it has to be in the form of some compromise since a 1-to-1 translation is probably not possible in the engine.
  • mecanojavi99#6562mecanojavi99#6562 Registered Users Posts: 12,680
    edited September 2021

    Last time I checked, Squigs don't even have arms, while Horror have 3 and are armed with daggers.

    They used none of them in any screenshots and clips so far. With how small they are, they could very easily just be attachments than actual limbs in their models. Think how Ghorgon's extra arm is really there cosmetically than anything else. 99% of their attack animations work perfectly fine had the extra pair been taken out.
    Arms and dagger.

    Finish reading the entire post, it's not very long
    You said that they didn't used any daggers in any screenshots or clips, I just pointed out to you that they did.
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